projects : community art

Pylväsvuo 2015
steel, windowframes, polarizing filters, wood, glass, mixed media.
5 part installation in the village of Pylväs

Collaborative project with Jussi Ängeslevä comissioned by Finnish Cultural Foundation as a part of project Pohjavirta. It is a gift to the City of Ylivieska commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Foundation's establishment. 

Pylväsvuo is a site specific artwork in the village of Pylväs in Northern Finland. A series of interventions that leverage the cultural meaning of locations along the Ängeslevä road, and are an inseparable part of the villages history. Using polarizing filters and wave plates, the intervention create mirage-like graphics in the landscape that appear and disappear in response to the viewer’s movement.

Please have a look at the website for more information.

Sandy HIll Detached Youth Project
Sandy HIll estate, Farnham, UK
Aerosol on wall


This project was organised with the Sandy Hill Detached Youth Project in collaboration with James Hockey & Foyer Galleries in the spring of 2012. It was funded by the Galleries in association with Surrey County Council and Farnham South Street Trust. I used a similar process as with Omat Kuviot project in Oulu; stencils were designed by the children whilst I coordinated the use of colour. This building has a particular hexagonal shape that led to the idea for the painting's colour scheme. Foremost, thanks must go to the artists and staff involved in the Youth Project and the James Hockey & Foyer Galleries

Omat Kuviot
Toppila Community Centre
Oulu, Finland
aerosol on wood

This is a community art project i was involved with in the spring of 2008. It was commissioned by the Oulu Art Museum and it was done by teenagers in the concrete suburbs of Toppila, Oulu. I lead a team of 15 youngsters. We had loads of fun and exceptional local media coverage. I chose to use stencils in the making of this because it enables fast results and is relatively easy to use. Everyone designed their own 'mark'( kuvio in finnish) and had to use all the colours to paint it. The starting idea for the piece is individuality versus diversity. The group consisted mainly of immigrant children.