projects : hoodies

Poster 2014
A1 (891 x 594 mm)
4 colour offset print on Lumisilk 200 gm2 paper
Edition of 300

This A1 size (89 x 59 cm) poster is available for a price of 40 EUR + shipping from December 2014. For any enquiries please contact me through my message field.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Ashes Grammar LP
Edition of 250
sold out

I have been making some original artwork for Philadelphia-based band A Sunny Day In Glasgow. They are published by Mis Ojos Discos. All art direction on ASDIG albums is by Naomi Donabedian.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Ashes Grammar CD
A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Nitetime Rainbows EP
Edition of 1000
sold out

These below are furniture resulting from collaboration with designer Janne Pessinen.

Table X
Chair XX
Chair XY
Edition of 20

some hoodies

Edition of 10
edition of 1